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Lift I/O

Lift I/O is an elevator access control I/O module catered for installations that desire restrictive access to certain floors. All that is required is a Suprema reader, BioStar SE and a Lift I/O. Each module can control the access of up to 12 different floors and uses an RS-485 port to provide secure communication with the readers. Furthermore, each reader can connect via daisy chain with up to 10 Lift I/Os. This allows for the potential control of a staggering 120 floors. Access to each floor is also highly customizable. Using the BioStar SE software each Lift I/O can be configured to control the access to specific floors as well as assign the access rights to each floor by user or group.

Elevator Access Control I/O Module

Control 12 Floors per I/O Module
Daisy Chain up to 10 I/O Modules per Reader (120 Floors)
Easy Mounting & Setup
HRS-485 Secure Communication
Highly Customizable User Access
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CPU 16MHz, 8bit Microprocessor
Output Form C Relay 12-Ch
Host Communication RS-485
Display 31 Status LEDs
Power 12VDC @500mA
Scalability Up to 10 per Host device
Product Size 120 x 140 x 45 mm (W x H x D)