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BioStar Video Phone

BioStar Videophone is an unique and useful application used to create a video intercom system at no extra cost and no additional videophone equipment. To make this feature widely available, the installation/configuration and use of the system was designed for convenience and simplicity. Installation involves a quick installation of the BioStar Videophone application on the desired PC(s) and activation of the intercom feature within device.

The BioStar Videophone can be configured for two modes : Standard and Extension (Up to 8 extensions can be supported). The extension mode is useful when there are multiple departments within the same building; it will map an extension number to the desired PC in each department. Once configured and linked, a visitor can operate the feature by simply pressing the [CALL] button on the device. A pop-up window will appear on the linked PC and if the call is accepted, the BioStar Videophone will initiate audio/video communication with the device. If the visitor is approved, the operator can even grant access to the user by clicking [Open Door].

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User Interface

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