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Match On Card

Match on card is the most secure fingerprint authentication technology by eliminating the possibility of revealing private fingerprint data on the network. Fingerprint template is stored within a smart card and fingerprint matching is performed in the smart card itself.

Core technology
Generally, smart card has poor computation power and tightly limited memory resource. Suprema’s MOC solution is based on ultra-light matching algorithm providing superior performance on smart card.

System Elements

Standalone Feature Extractor Performs fingerprint image capture and feature extraction
Direct interface with smart card avoiding data intrusion
Biometric Smart Card Java card applet
Stores fingerprint templates
Performs template matching

Technical Specification

Template On Card
Match On Card
Template is stored on server
Matching is performed on server
Template data may be interrupted in transmitting templates among clients and server
Fingerprint template is stored within the smart card.
Matching is performed on the smartcard itself.
Enrolled template is completely protected from external interception